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goibMd pRym ivc r`iqAw hoieAw iek s`cw is`K nrk svrg ivc bdl skdw hY[ jy gurU goibMd isMG swihb dw s`cw Bgq ikqy nrk dy lwigauN dI G jwey qW aus dI piv`qr nyVqw nrk jVHW qoN ihlw ky aus svrg ivc qbdIl kr dyvy, aus dI pwvn hzUrI swry pwpIAW mukq kr dyvy[ AYsI hY vifAweI ies goibMd pRym dI[ gurU goibMd isMG swihb dy AYsy AwSk qW ies ipRQvI piv`qr kr jWdy hn, Bwg lw jWdy hn[ AYsI hY vifAweI gurU goibMd isMG swihb qy r`b vrgy Brosy dI[

bwbw nirMdr isMG jI

Surcharged with the Love-Force of Gobind Prema a true Sikh can turn hell into heaven. If a true devotee of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib happens to pass by Narak (hell), his holy vicinity will shake the Narak from its very roots and convert and transform it into heaven. His nearby holy presence will deliver all the condemned ones. Such is the Glory of Gobind Prema. Such true lovers of Guru Gobind Singh Ji purify and sanctify the earth. Such is the Glory of God-like faith in Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.

Baba Narinder Singh Ji.

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