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Historic Day of

This holy concept of whole-sale surrender at the sacred feet of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib at the time of ‘Amrit Ceremony’ retains permanent validity and deep significance. Such a surrender literally determines the true eligibility of the aspirant for the Amrit of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.

The devout had most enthusiastically responded, gathered and flocked to the Satguru in thousands from all over. They were anxiously waiting for the divine message and the divine call of their Great and young Satguru . It was a holy setting and there were holy expectations. The Guru unfolded his divine plan in a unique manner the like of which had never occurred earlier in human and spiritual history. He wanted a practical translation and demonstration of the holy utterance of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib.

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 Jo To Prem Khelan Ka Chaao
Sir Dhar Tali Gali Meri Aao
It Maarag Pair Dharrejay
Sir Deejay Kaan Na Keejay
Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 1412

Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Says:

    “If you yearn to sport love-divine , you can gain entrance to the arena of love with your head on your palm. And once you have set out on this path of love, offer and laydown your head with least concern for anything else.”

If you yearn and thirst for the divine, then seek death and not life. Love of sacrifice and intoxication of sufferings is a pre-condition for Bliss and Vision Eternal.

Unique and distinct was the way and the revelation of Eternal Truths by Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. Our glorious heritage Sri Guru Granth Sahib is an ocean of the revealed Truths. On this auspicious day of Vaisakhi the Great Prophet set out to fill and infuse the devout with unlimited spiritual power and spiritual vitality.

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  Pehlan Maran Kabul Jivan Ki Chhad Aas
Hohu Sabhna Ki Reinka To Aao Hamaare Paas
Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 1102
“First accept death and discard the hope of life. And become the dust of the feet of all, then only you come to me,” says Nanak the Fifth.

Entrance to the holy mansion of the beloved Lord Guru Nanak is only open to those who love death and who pride in turning as the dust of everybody's feet. In such a wonderful state of sacrifice and surrender and in such a true spirit of utter humility, a true sikh steps out towards the most beloved Guru and is accepted in the holy folds of Guru Nanak. Such is the wonderful 'Call Divine' of our beloved Lord. It is an invitation Divine to His Abode Divine. This is the practical Sikhway of life.

The five beloved ones rose one after the other and in total submission surrendered and offered their heads as demanded by the Great Guru.What a unique and wonderful death experience in being beheaded by the holy hands of the beloved Guru Himself. The Great Guru compassionately accepts the humble offer of the heads and total surrender by these true Sikhs. What a grand death experience which grants immortality in lieu. For these unmatched divine lovers, Guru Gobind Singh ji was their all in all, the sole Beloved. This death experience elevated them to be the Five Beloved Ones of Guru Gobind Singh ji. If Guru Gobind singh was their beloved ideal, they became the beloved ideal of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Lovers, Love and the Beloved, all had merged into one grand living reality. Beloved Guru bestowed Amrit, the Nectar of Immortally, to these five beloved ones. Such was the unique holy magic in the annals of spiritual history on this auspicious day of Vaisakhi. In this unparalleled death experience, they attained the love of their beloved Satguru and life eternal as reward. First the Great Guru picked up five flowers from the auspicious congregation. They had offered their heads at the altar of the beloved Guru . These fragrant flowers hailed from different parts of this great country and belonged to different castes. In return of the humble offer of their heads the Guru blesses and rewards them with the most precious boon of divine love and elevates them to the lofty spiritual ideals of His own Five Beloved Ones,

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  Satguru Daya Nidh Mehma Agadh Bodh
Namo Namo Namo Namo Net Net Net Hai
Bhai Gurdas Ji
“Satguru is an Ocean of Mercy, Daya, Compassion. It means Daya on all alike. This covers the whole humanity.”

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib moulded and cast the Khalsa in His own image. By virtue of this mould and indentification if there is anything nearest and dearest to the Khalsa it is his most beloved ideal Guru Gobind Singh. Unless the sentiment of Prema, true devotion,purity and spirit of sacrifice beams and radiates out from the person of Khalsa he is cetainly distant away from his beloved and cherished ideal Guru Gobind Singh.

A true sikh is always floating in the Ocean of Prema Bhagti. He is totally possessed by Guru Bhagti, by all enveloping Prema of his beloved Guru. He is immersed in drinking the Nectar of this rare Prema by reciting and worshipping the Divine Name of his beloved Guru by tongue. He keeps on drinking this Nectar of Prema through his blessed eyes also by continuously envisioning the luminous form of his beloved Satguru. What he hears is also this Prem of the Guru, his melodious Nam. His heart is totally devoted to perpetual contemplation and meditation on Guru. Thus, totally merged in Guru's devotion, he envisions Guru only and nothing else. He envisions Guru in the whole creation. That is how Bhagat Namdev envisions his Gobind in the whole creation and Bhai Kanhayia and Bhai Nand Lal envision Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in all alike.

It was on this momentous day of Vaisakhi that the Great Guru launched the Khalsa onto a unique spiritual crusade, a holy crusade of total self-transformation in pristine purity, purity of character, immaculate external and internal purity, purity of thoughts, speech and deeds. With this death experience and love of Satguru deeply rooted in their hearts, started a total divinisation process. This was the deepest and the most profound spiritual experience of the five beloved ones.

Love of death was an essential pre-requisite for the Love of God.

This divine call of the Great Guru awakened and opened up amazingly new folds, horizons and dimensions of divine love.

On this auspicious occasion after the five beloved ones, successive human waves of the lovers of God in thousands, drank the Nectar of Immortality and they all stood transformed as Victors of Death. It was on this historic day of Vaisakhi that this Greatest of the Nation Builders had transformed a whole nation into lovers of death en masse. From this day onwards the vision of the whole nation started glowing with the Light of Immortality. Death from now onwards became a lovable and spiritual companion for the Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh.

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  A worldly person fears death
A Seeker of Truth is hopeful of conquering death
A lover-divine loves death
Baba Narinder Singh Ji
Sri Guru Arjan Sahib says:
“Satguru is an Ocean of Mercy, Daya, Compassion. It means Daya on all alike. This covers the whole humanity.”

For its very survival the nation very much needed the infusion of practical spirituality and the Lord of Love, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, blessed them all with this boon on this auspicious day of Vaisakhi.

Guru Gobind Singh, a spiritual regenerator, generated a spiritual upheavel and a spiritual renaissance on this unique day. He was a great nation builder and epoch maker, and carved a new Glorious Order of the Khalsa.




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