God is Love and Love is God

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Totally immersed day and night in continuous holy service of His beloved Satguru, aged Sri Guru Amar Das Ji also used to fetch a pitcher of water from the distant river Beas every night for the bath of Sri Guru Angad Sahib.

It was during the 12th year of this unparalleled and unique service that on a dark and stormy night, on His way back, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji's foot got entangled in a weaver's stump, and He fell into a weaving pit. Guru Amar Das Ji fell but did not let the pitcher fall.

On hearing the thud of the fall, weaver's wife had remarked, “Who else it could be except Amaroo Nathawan (the homeless).”

The Knower of all Hearts, Sri Guru Nanak Sahib the Second asked Sri Guru Amar Das Ji on His return, “Purkha Ji, You are slightly late today.” The Humility Incarnate Guru Amar Das Ji begged for forgiveness in His characteristic humility with folded hands and submitted while weeping, “Sachey Patsha, Mistake will not recur again.” This question was repeated thrice by Sri Guru Angad Sahib, and Sri Guru Amar Das Ji apologized every time, with the same pathetic appeal for Mercy.

Sri Guru Angad Sahib took His Most Beloved Disciple in His Holy arms and clasped Him to His bosom. He made Him sit on wooden stool on which He Himself used to take bath daily.

Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, who was thus bathing daily in the overflowing Prema — pure love of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji could restrain Himself no more and on this auspicious day, He in return bathed Sri Guru Amar Das Ji in the streaming overflow of His own love for Sri Guru Amar Das Ji. Sri Guru Angad Sahib's love for Sri Guru Amar Das Ji melted down in precious tears through His holy eyes and stormed in holy bath the Holiest of the Holy, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji. Separate individualities had altogether ceased. Prema-Bhakti had reached a climax and assumed a wonderful state of sublimity. Love-Divine and the Lover-Divine had dissolved into the Divine Beloved Lord.

Satguru eternally bathes with utmost spiritual delight, in the nectar of divine love always flowing from the saturated hearts and perpetual wet eyes of his beloved devotees/sikhs. It was a unique and unprecedented return of that love by Sri Guru Angad Sahib.

Sri Guru Angad Sahib then blesses Sri Guru Amar Das Ji:

Purkha Ji
(Guru Amar Das),

You are the Shelter of the Shelterless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Help of the Helpless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Support of the Supportless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Abode of the Abodeless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Honour of the Honourless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Anchor of the Anchorless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Supreme Hope of the Hopeless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Home of the Homeless.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Refuge of those without any Refuge, Strength of those without any Strength.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Conferer of all the Nine Treasures.
Purkha Ji,
You are the Bestower of Bread to the World.
Purkha Ji,
All Glory to You.

How wonderful and sublime is this love-relationship between the Guru and a true disciple! When a devotee has surrendered his all, dedicated every breath of his life to the Lotus Feet of his beloved Guru, pines every moment in the loving holy remembrance, the union of the lover and the beloved becomes eternal. Guru also pines for the devotee. Mysterious and unique is the love that exists between the Guru and his beloved sikh.

True Love is the Highest Stage of Spiritual Perfection

A devotee serves his Guru with his heart and soul. A time comes when Guru starts serving his devotee. A devotee God is Love and Love is God Eternal Glory 6 of Guru Amar Das Ji lays prostrate at the holy feet of his Guru and seeks the holy dust thereof. A time comes when the Guru seeks the dust of the holy feet of his own devotee. A devotee/ disciple pays homage by placing his forehead at the holy feet of his beloved Guru. A time comes when the holy Guru places his forehead at the holy feet of his beloved devotee. A lover surrenders his all to the Beloved. Time comes when the Beloved surrenders His all to the lover.

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