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Jis Piarey Sion Nehu
Tis Aagal Mar Chaliai
Dhrig Jiwan Sansar
Taan Ke Paachhai Jiwana

It is an agonising cry from the soul of nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib, a Paragon of Guru Bhagti and Guru Worship, that he should have died earlier than the physical departure of his most beloved Guru Nanak and He curses His life after the Beloved's departure.

When Guru Nanak physically disappeared from this mundane world, nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib unable to bear the pangs of separation, retired into a room in a disciple's house. He went into voluntary seclusion.

This holy hymn of nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib contains the essence of unbearable agony of a true lover, physically separated from'his beloved Satguru. A true lover cannot live without the beloved. During His life time he could not remain without Guru Nanak for a moment, how was it possible for Him now to bear physical separation?

Power of true love is indescribable; it is unlimited. It manifests itself in mysterious and miraculous ways. Prema culminates in total merger with the Lord. nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib wailed for his beloved Guru Nanak. He preferred death to a life without his beloved Lord. In what intense agony he must have contemplated on Guru Nanak, in what unbearable pangs of separation he must have wailed, remembered and meditated on Guru Nanak for this long Period. It was after a long time of seclusion that whereabouts of nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib were discovered by the Disciples who were thirsting for a glimpse, a vision of their beloved Guru. When nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib emerged from that self-imposed love-smitten exile, Baba Budha Ji, the sikhs and devotees were amazed, were wonder-struck to see the face of Guru Nanak. They all were wonderstruck with awe and reverence to notice the striking change in the personality of nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib. His own face was now totally transformed as Guru Nanak's face. What a rare and remarkable change and total identification of the Beloved with the lover. Even physically, Guru Nanak had returned to His loving people. nanak-bhagti.htm">Sri Guru Angad Sahib had totally drowned himself in the burning ocean of Love of Guru Nanak and now Guru Nanak in all His splendour and glory re-emerges in the physical body of his most beloved Lover Angad and that also in total transformation and identification in splendour, form and speech.

Saach Kahou Sun Laih Sabha,
Jin Prem Kio Tin Hi Prabh Palo
Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Tav Prasad Savaiya
Let the Eternal Truth be known by all, only those who thirst for the Divine attain Him.

The Lord of Love appears in this world once in Yugas,

Yug Yug Satgur Dhare Avtaari
Bhai Gurdas Ji
The Great-Satguru incarnate in every age (Yug).

He floods this world with the Nectar of pure divine love. He sets the highest, rare and blazing examples of this Prema Himself. His whole life, utterances, deeds and actions are nothing else than the expression of this divine love. Gurus are the true conferers and bestowers of this rarest of the rare divine commodity called Prema.

Aapey Laayo Apna Pyar
Sada Sada Tis Gur Ko Kari Namaskaar
My beloved Satguru, by His own Grace, has blessed me with pure love and devotion to Himself. I am now in a blissful state of perpetual homage to that Satguru.

Love and devotion of nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad is responded and acknowledged by the Lord of Love, Guru Nanak, in a manner never witnessed by the world before. Spiritually He had already crowned nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad as the Lord of the Universe, as his worthy successor but now He physically also reappears with His own luminous form and personality in the form of nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad Dev Ji.

nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad Dev Ji's whole being was saturated with Nanak consciousness. He only breathed Guru Nanak. Totally drowned in Nanak consciousness, in the love and devotion of his sole beloved Guru Nanak, He emerges, He reappears in the luminous form of Guru Nanak. The Greatest Wonder of the Spiritual Wonders of the World indeed.

He would accompany the Master to Kartarpur and on return journey Guru Nanak used to accompany the disciple. This to and fro company was repeated and repeated almost everytime daily.

No further (halt), said the compassionate Guru, one day and nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad Dev Ji stayed put on that very spot. Guru Nanak slowely disappeared from His holy sight but overwhelmed in Guru's love and bliss, nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad Sahib stayed put. At Khadoor Sahib, the Sangat remained in the impression that He had gone with Guru Nanak to Kartarpur. In that posture, time passed and nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad Dev Ji was covered up by dust, grass and anthills. It was only when search was made that He was so discovered.

Graceful Form of Guru Nanak slowly faded out of the sight of nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad. But completely lost in a flood of love nanak-bhagti.htm">Guru Angad Sahib stayed put, still and motionless for days and days. This is called Meditation in Love. Totally unconscious of His own body and self, His whole consciousness had also gone with the Graceful Form of Guru Nanak.

All Glory to the Purest of The Pure Devotion of Sri Guru Angad Sahib, the Highest Exampler, Ideal and Model of Nanak Bhagti.

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