Eternal Glory of Guru Amar Das Ji

Guru Amar Das Ji

Sri Guru Amar Das Ji was born at Basarke, a small village in Amritsar district of Punjab, in 1479.

He happened to hear the recitation of Holy Japji Sahib from Bibi Amro, a daughter of Sri Guru Angad Sahib, and married to his own nephew. He was so much overwhelmed and enchanted by the Nectar of Immortality oozing out of the Holy Japji that He instantly rushed to the Holy Feet of Guru Nanak the Second, Sri Guru Angad Sahib. This happened in 1540.

For twelve years, the aged but madly love-intoxicated Guru Amar Das Ji served His Beloved Satguru with unparalleled selfless devotion, adoration, and worship. His unique and selfless Guru-Sewa, Guru-Bhavna, Guru-Prem, and Guru-Puja shines like a Divine Sun on the Spiritual Horizon.

He was nominated Guru Nanak the Third in 1552 by Sri Guru Angad Sahib. 907 Hymns of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji stand enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

I had the good fortune of sitting at the Holy Feet of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and of listening to the Words of Wisdom flowing from His Holy Lips as most Touching Tributes to the Eternal Glory of Jagat Pita — Sahib Sri Guru Amar Das Ji.

I offer this humble Shardhanjali at the Lotus Feet of my Most Beloved Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, all due to the unbounded grace of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and to the Light of Wisdom shown to me by my most Worshipful Father Baba Narinder Singh Ji.

I humbly beg the forgiveness of my Beloved Satguru as I am totally unfit to express even a fraction of His Eternal Glory which is beyond the scope of words.

Brigadier Partap Singh Jaspal (Retired)
203, Sector 33A