Glory of Love and Humility

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When Sri Guru Nanak Sahib passed on and transmitted all His Glory and Auspiciousness to Sri Guru Angad Sahib, He paid homage at the Holy Feet of the Successor Guru by placing His head thereupon. Humility personified Sri Guru Angad Sahib had cursed His feet at that moment and consequently puss used to ooze out from a thumb of one of His feet.

As and when Sri Guru Angad Sahib used to rest, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, while pressing the legs of His Beloved Satguru, used to suck the puss oozing out of that thumb of the Holy Foot of Sri Guru Angad Sahib.

Such unique was the intensity of the devotion and love of totally dedicated Disciple for the Lotus Feet of His Beloved Satguru. But the Glory of this Unique Nectar being sucked by Sri Guru Amar Das Ji from the Holy Feet of Sri Guru Angad Sahib was also unique in its effect. Grace Eternal flowing from the Holy Feet of Grace Incarnate Sri Guru Angad Sahib totally consumed and swallowed Sri Guru Amar Das Ji. All the Divine Treasures of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib flowed in their totality from the Lotus Feet of the Second Guru Nanak, flooded the yearning and the thirsting soul of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, and unveiled eternally Glorious Sri Guru Nanak Sahib in Him for posterity.

Such is the Glory of the pure love of the Lotus Feet of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. Unmatched Humility and Pure Love of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji draws and attracts all Divine Graces of His Beloved Satguru through that sucking of the puss. That is the unique Bliss, the Supreme Anand of meeting the Satguru, Guru Amar Das Ji so beautifully expresses and airs in His Famous Divine utterance.

Anand Bhaya Meri Maey
Satguru Main Paiya

What a Bliss I have attained in finding and meeting my Lord Satguru. I met the Satguru in wonderful tranquility and my heart has started blooming. In this hour of Supreme bliss all celestial musicians, nymphs, fairies have rushed forth in joining and singing the Glory of the Lord and the Satguru.

Guru Amar Das Ji heard the Divine Melody of Guru Nanak from Bibi Amro, and the Divine Melody like a most powerful Magnet drew and attracted the Holy Soul to its Divine Source. The Divine Melody, the Divine Source converted Guru Amar Das Ji into the very same Divine Melody — the Divine Source.

Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Himself is a Treasure House of Absolute Bliss — Param Anand, and showers a taste of that Anand through Anand Sahib to all alike. Let us not remain deprived of this nectar so easily available to us through our proud inheritance, heritage.

He did not physically turn His back to His beloved Sri Guru Angad Sahib, because His body, mind, heart, and soul were totally saturated with the all enveloping Divine Love of His Beloved Satguru. He was mentally and physically in eternal Sajada, perpetual homage at the Lotus Feet of His Beloved Lord Guru Angad. How could He, even for a moment, forget Him and turn His back towards His Lord. He performed a unique Sadhana with His soul totally saturated with ardent love for His Beloved Satguru.

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