Mata Bhani - Holy Daughter-Disciple of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji

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Bibi Bhani is a multifaceted Holy personality in the House of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. She was the Most Blessed Child of the Holiest of the Holy Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, the Most Devoted Wife of Sodhi Sultan Sri Guru Ram Das Ji, and the Most Loving Mother of Sri Guru Arjan Partakh Har. She was a Holy Sample of an Ideal Holy Daughter, an Ideal Holy Wife, and an Ideal Holy Mother.

God can be loved, served, and worshipped in a variety of ways. He can be worshipped as Father, can be served as Master, can be loved and adored as the Beloved, can be loved and adored as the best Friend, can be loved as a child.

Mata Bhani is the sole, the only privileged and blessed Holy Personality who Worshipped and Adored Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, her father, in that true spirit. She was a great Daughter—Disciple of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji. She served her Godfather in true spirit of the Service of the Divine and was granted great boons in recognition of her dedicated and devoted service. She loved and adored the Most Beloved Sri Guru Ram Das Ji, her Holy Husband, and remained in His service as a Holy Companion and life partner. She loved, nursed and brought up her Holy Child and Son Sri Guru Arjan Sahib. Her Divine influence as the Holy Mother of mankind radiates out to the whole world through a Hymn of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Mata Bhani had given this unique parting blessing to her Holy Child Sri Guru Arjan Sahib on the eve of His departure for Lahore to attend a wedding ceremony of His cousin. How wonderful are the touching Holy Words of Blessing, pouring forth from a Divine Heart of a truly Holy Mother.


Jis Simrat Sabh Kilwikh Naseh
Pitri Hoey Udharo
So Har Har Tum Sadd Hi Jaapoh
Jaka Antt Na Paro
Poota Mata Ki Aasis
Nimakh Na Bisrau Tum Kau Har Har
Sada Bhajoh Jagdis (Rahau)
Satgur Tum Kau Hoey Daiyala
Sant Sang Teri Preet
Kaapar Pat Parmesar Rakhi
Bhojan Kirtan Neet
Amrit Peevoh Sada Chir Jeevoh
Har Simrat Anand Ananta
Rang Tamasa Pooran Asa
Kabeh Na Biapai Chinta
Bhavar Tumhara Eh Mun Hovau
Har Charna Hoey Kaula
NANAK Das Un Sung Laptaiyo
Jio Boondeh Chatrik Maula

Contemplation of the Lord which purges all sins and redeems the ancestors, remain immersed in the blessed meditation of that limitless Lord.

Oh my son, this is your mother's blessing that you may never forget the Lord even for a moment. And your devotion to the Lord be perpetual. May the Satguru shower Grace on you and your love be established in the Holy. May you be robed by the Lord with Honour and your food (sustenance) be the perpetual Divine Kirtan (singing of the Glories of the Lord).

May you drink the Nectar of God's Immortal Name and live eternally in blissful meditation of the Lord. May you be blessed with all joy and happiness, and your desires fulfilled, and be free of all anxiety.

Let your mind be the bumblebee clinging to the Lotus Feet of the Lord. May thou be bound to those Lotus Feet of the Lord as Chatrik (a bird) thirsts for the rain drop.

All Compassionate Sri Guru Arjan Sahib incorporates and enshrines these rare blessings of the Holy Mother in Sri Guru Granth Sahib for all the children of God, for all times to come. Incorporation of this unique Hymn of rare blessings is also indicative of the deep spiritual influence of the Holy Mother Mata Bhani on Sri Guru Arjan Sahib.

She was Bliss-Personified and is the only Blessed Spiritual Personality in the whole of spiritual history who tasted the bliss of loving God as Father, Divine Master, Divine Beloved and Companion, and Divine Child. She has most compassionately passed on the Divine Essence of that Unique Bliss through the Divine Heart and Holy Lips of Sri Guru Arjan Sahib to all of us in this unique Hymn.

Whenever we recite or sing or hear this Divine Hymn, we invariably feel the Blessings of Mata Bhani and Sri Guru Arjan Sahib flowing out to us and enveloping us in their Holy Folds, in their Blissful Depths.

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