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Emperor Akbar visited Sri Guru Amar Das Ji to pay his homage. He had to partake of the food from the Langar (common kitchen) as per the custom there before entering into the holy presence of the Great Guru. Akbar was wonderstruck to see a unique and rare type of radiance, glow, penetrating beauty on the face of the very aged Guru. Wonderstruck with that overwhelming glow on the radiant face of the Guru, astonished Akbar respectfully asked a simple question from the esteemed Guru. He said, “The best of ‘Hakims’ accompany me wherever I go and they assist in the preparation of my food with the best of tonics and nutritions. I am not even half the age as yours. What food do you take, Sir, with which your face glows and shines like a sun?” The Great Guru politely replied, “O Emperor, I take the same simple food which you have just taken in the common kitchen (Langar) here. What you notice on my face is nothing else than The Sweet and Sacred Remembrance of Allah.”

A pure Divinity radiates out that Divinity to all alike. This Divine Glow and Divine Beauty is much more penetrating and impressive than the charm of the whole universe, the whole nature. It inspires and elevates the thirsting souls, it redeems the drowning and sinning humanity.

True Love is the Highest Stage of Spiritual perfection
Guru Nanak is the Delighter of the Eyes and the Mind. His Luminous Form is the Dispenser of All-Bliss.
Before the light oozes out of my sight let me behold you, O my beloved Guru Nanak. Let this be the yearning prayer from every heart.

Blessed are the persons who beheld the charm of this Divine Beauty of Guru Nanak and blessed indeed are the souls who yearn to behold and envision the lustre of this Divine Beauty and Glory of Guru Nanak Sahib.

This is the mystic grandeur of this Divine Charm of God's Beauty. This is the mystic grandeur of the Divine thirst and yearning of those blessed souls who deeply and intensely meditate on Lord Guru Nanak Sahib, just to catch a glimpse of the lustre of His Divine Glory and Charm.

Remember when you gaze on Sri Guru Nanak Sahib, He gazes on you. When you behold Him, He the All-Merciful Lord, casts his glance of mercy on you and when you contemplate and meditate on Him, the All-Loving Guru, out of Compassion accepts you in His Holy folds. In this holy process, the Great Jagat Guru (The Enlightener of the world) leads you from Darkness to Light, from Death to Life Eternal.
Gur Nanak Jin Sunia Pekhia
Se Phir Garbhaas Na Paria Re

Anyone who had seen or heard Guru Nanak was saved because having seen the Sun of Grace or having heard the Divine Nectar flowing directly from His Holy Lips, one was automatically saved.

Guru Amar Das Ji was the manifest Lord Himself.
Aap Narain Kala Dhaar Jag Meh Parwario
Har Man Tan Wasiya Soi
Jai Jai Kar Kare Sab Koi
Now the Lord abides in my whole being (mind and body) and all are hailing this Glory.

Totally possessed, the Lord permeates soul, mind, and body. He permeates each and every pore of the body. A vision and darshans of such a Divine Manifestation is a rare blessing to the creation.

Jis Tarah Roshni Bulb De Sheeshey Nu Phey Key Bahar Aa Jandi Hai, Prakash Mahapurush De Sharir Ton Bahar Aa Janda Hai.
A lighted Bulb emits light through the glass, so does the holy body of an Enlightened Saint is full of God and emits that light from his holy body. As the Bulb is full of light, and light bursts out of the glass and sheds light alround, A true Saint, a MahaPurush is full of Divine Light, is full of Divine Love, is full of Pure Bliss, is full of the Divine Nectar. This Light, this Love, this Bliss, this Nectar, overflows from the whole being of the Great Incarnation.

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