Homage by Divine Bards

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Bhatt (Divine Bard) Bhalh eulogized Great Guru Amar Das Ji in his Swaya enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page 1396 as follows:


“Countless are the rain drops,
Countless is the vegetation on earth,
Countless are the flowers,
Countless are the waves and the ripples,
Countless are the rays of the Sun and Moon.
Someone with spiritual knowledge and divine powers may be in a position to count these
but it is impossible to comprehend the Divine Virtues and Excellences of
Great Guru Amar Das.
Guru Amar Das, you are peerless, matchless in your Divine Excellences; there is no equal.”


“Blessed are the feet which lead
one to Guru Amar Das,
Blessed are the hands that touch
the Holy Feet of the Guru,
Blessed is the tongue which sings
the Glory of Guru Amar Das,
Blessed are the eyes which behold
Guru Amar Das,
Blessed are the ears which listen
to his Nectarous Bani,
Blessed is the heart in which dwells
Guru Amar Das, the Divine Father of the Universe,
Blessed is the head that bows
in homage at the Lotus Feet of
Guru Amar Das.”
Aap Narain Kala Dhaar Jag Meh Parwario
Nirankar Akaar Jot Jag Mandal Kario

The Lord Himself, having assumed all Divine Powers, has descended in the world in the Holy Garb of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji.

The Formless God having assumed the Sacred Form of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji has illuminated the World.

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