Salient Features - 2

Unshorn hair establishes total identity and harmony of man with nature.

The sole purpose of this Sacred Uniform is essentially Divine-physically, mentally and spiritually. The purpose is to divinise the whole life, each and every deed. It is to divinise our thoughts, our speech and our actions. Khalsa has taken shape from the Akal and finally merges into the Akal. This Soldier of God goes back to God on completion of his assigned role in life.

As ‘Soldier of God’ he acts as per the Divine Will and derives all his energy from the Divine source. There is no Self-Seeking or personal interest in the redemptive life of Khalsa. He purely acts as an instrument of the Divine totally free from egoistic feelings and tendencies.

This Sacred Uniform acts as a Spiritual Shield on the battle-field of life. Fortified with this Sacred Armour (Uniform of five Kakaars), Khalsa fights heroically on the battle-field of life and successfully subdues the five arch enemies-Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar.

Khalsa lives a dynamic life, a life of heroic spirituality.

These are ideals of our religious discipline. These ideals mould all the planes of our existence - physical, mental and spiritual. These sacred five Kakaars ultimately lead a true sikh to his Divine Destination. This sacred uniform leads one to self discipline, self-purification (both external and internal) and spiritual enlightenment. Divine virtues so attained ultimately result in the fusion of our soul with the Infinite.

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